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X9 1000White

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Mario Brothers, Street Fighter, Tekken, Contra, Battle City, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Metal Slug, Dragon Ball, Lighting Plan, Final Fight, Crash Bandico, king of fighter, Risk...Battle Ship, Power Ranger, Rugrats Go Wild, Elemix, Dream Champ Tournament, NHL Hitz 2003, Need for Speed, Animal Snap, Extreme Racing, Backyard Football, Bomberman, Scramble, Breath of Fire, Mighty Beans Pocket, Cartoon Network, Cinnamon, Monster Inc., Princess Natasha, Micro Machines, Mission Impossible, Defenders, Demon Driver, Dexter’s Laboratory, Double Dragon, Chibi Gurumi, Happy Checkers, Monopoly, The Extra-Terrestrial, Jawbreakers, Egg Mania, Elf-The Movie, Extreme Ghost Busters, Castleween, Santa Clause Jr.,

The list of games go on and on and on...all 1,000+ retro games in one power house gaming device! Ready to play right out the box! No need Internet in order to play. Take it with you wherever you go...the perfect present for all ages!